We advance on-orbit transportation with versatile, affordable and reliable space tugs.

Meet Otter, a new species in space

An Otter brings these unique capabilities to the satellite servicing mission

• Small and affordable satellite
• Quick from decision to mission
• Multiple uses with a single Otter
• Highly autonomous operation

Otter is the first small
and versatile space tug of its kind.

Our CEPHALOPOD Software Package

software was
selected as
a winner
of the Hyperspace

Satellite, Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking (RPOD) missions are difficult, but open up new opportunities in space.

Making use of electric propulsion
and small spacecraft technologies
can enable modern, efficient RPOD


We advance on-orbit transportation with
versatile, affordable and reliable space tugs.


CEPHALOPOD is autonomous RPOD software that can use electric propulsion, enabling small RPOD spacecraft. This on-board guidance, navigation, and control capability can give small servicing vehicles 8x more maneuvering capability.

• Enables RPOD missions with EP
• Highly autonomous on-board operations
• Reduce vehicle mass and cost
• Significant built-in safety features

The Nautilus Capture Mechanism

The versatile mechanism works on surfaces that were not designed for docking.

• Adheres to broad set of capture surfaces
• Dynamic damping of docked bodies
• Many mission reuse capability
• Multi-year operational life

The Nautilus capture
mechanism attaches to satellites for docking and manipulation.

We are advancing autonomy and robotics

to do satellite servicing with lower cost and reduced service time.

We are former Blue Origin and NASA engineers working together to solve specific problems within the evolving space ecosystem.

Starfish Space is venture-backed and supported by prominent organizations in the space and startup ecosystems.

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