New Life For Old Satellites


Starfish Space is building a small space tug to provide an on-demand in-space transportation service. Multi-use high performance vehicles wait in orbit, ready to be there when you need them!


Satellite servicing is a new paradigm for space operations. Space assets are no longer constrained to decisions before launch, they can be optimized to respond to new information.


Humanity's move out into the stars is driven by a thriving space economy. Manufacturing, assembly, mining, and recycling will all require transportation. Starfish's space tug service will be the necessary infrastructure for our off-world future.


Starfish Space Is Building

Transportation Service

Starfish Space is building on-orbit transportation to enable the evolving space mission.

Our small space tug can perform a variety of satellite servicing missions. These include life extension, relocation, disposal, inspection, and more!

A small vehicle enables satellite servicing that is quick to build, rapidly iterated, and cost-efficient. It's a new paradigm of the evolving space mission for everyone.

Autonomy To Get There

Starfish Space is building trusted autonomy software capable of docking exclusively with electric propulsion.

The software is an enabling technology for small space tugs. It can also be applied to many rendezvous and proximity operations, from small inspectors to large platforms.

Docking with electric propulsion positions vehicles to take advantage of New Space trends. Satellite servicing can now use small satellite platforms. RPO operations can build on modern advances in electric propulsion technology.


A New Paradigm In Space

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