The Vision


Starfish Space is building a small space tug to provide an on-demand in-space transportation service. Efficient transportation provides value today, and vital infrastructure for the future space economy.


Over 8,000,000 kilograms of human launched material is currently in earth orbit. At today's cost re-launching would cost $40 billion. Learning how to recycle old objects will greatly accelerate off-world development.


The future of humans expands throughout the galaxy, full of opportunity and dreams. But an effort to create value for humans in space must be matched by an effort to create value for humans on earth. We both work and live with joy.


About Us

What We Do

Starfish Space is turning "space junk" into the materials that build our future. 

Orbital debris poses a hazard to existing space assets and astronauts. In an extreme, this can start a chain reaction known as The Kessler Effect. We are turning this hazard into an opportunity to accelerate our off-Earth growth.

Starfish Space helps satellite operators navigate debris and traffic management in space, allowing organizations to maximize the lifetime value of their satellites.

Who We Are

Starfish Space is based out of Kent, WA and is led by two co-founders: Austin Link and Trevor Bennett. They have spent their lives fighting the tyranny of the gravity well.

Austin Link graduated from Stanford and Purdue before working at, Lockheed Martin, and Blue Origin. His work has ranged from basketball projections to launch vehicles. Austin's passion is efficient space engineering and systems through Moneyball-style analytics.

Trevor Bennett graduated from Texas A&M and Colorado, and has worked at NASA and Blue Origin. His PhD discussed guidance, navigation and control of geostationary space tugs. Trevor's passion is developing human presence in space through autonomy.

Dream With Us


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