We are relentless and joyful problem solvers who are building the future of space now.

Our story.

We founded Starfish Space to build our future in orbit through autonomy and robotics. As engineers at Blue Origin, we were part of an incredible team working towards "millions of people living and working in space." But autonomous infrastructure is not just for a sci-fi future; there are missions that need it today. Our beloved Otter space tug is being developed now for satellite servicing missions, and is ready to be infrastructure for the future off-world economy. 

We are advancing GNC software, robotics and space systems simulation

to lower cost and reduce service time.

We are former Blue Origin and NASA engineers working together to solve specific problems within the evolving space ecosystem.

Meet Our Star Team

Dr. Trevor Bennett
Low-thrust Proximity Operations
PhD Aerospace, Colorado


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Austin Link
Analysis & Design of Space Systems
BS Physics, Stanford
MS Aerospace, Purdue

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Ian Heidenberger
Director of Robotics
Robotics and Capture System
MS Aerospace, USC

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Brendan Hagan
Director of Software Engineering
Advancing Computing for Aerospace Applications
MS Aerospace, Purdue

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Ryan Henderson
Principal Systems Analyst
Performance and System Architecture
MS Aerospace, Purdue

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Jen Thompson
Communications Director
Simplifying the Complex
BA Journalism, University of Oregon

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Life began in the sea.

Now it's moving

into space.

Our Name
Most scientists agree that the origin of life started with deep-sea hydrothermal vents powered by life-giving chemical reactions. From the very first protocells, life flourished under the sea, evolved to land, to air and now to space.


Starfish Space is focused on evolving technology for the off-world ecosystem through the engineering of their Otter space tug. Using novel RPO autonomy and robotics, Otter will be the first space tug of its kind, a new species in space.


Starfish Space reminds us that what we do in space is always connected to how well we live on Earth. That’s why Otter's primary goal is to help satellites extend their life, so that important and critical work continues on Earth.


Starfish Space: Giving Life to

On-Orbit Services

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Giving life to
on-orbit services.
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