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We’re looking for great minds
and joyful people.


Our Mission
Develop the first on-demand fleet of versatile and efficient servicing vehicles prepared to service satellites in GEO and LEO.

Our Vision
Starfish Space is founded upon two primary visions. First, we envision a human presence expanding throughout the universe. Second, we envision a workplace that promotes living and working with joy. We believe the pursuit of this future provides great value for humanity and is a worthwhile reason for our business to exist.

Do you want to be part of the future of space? Do you like to solve problems? Do you work well in a collaborative environment? If so, we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for smart, innovative and forward-thinking
people to join our team.

Our Values


We are creating the versatile infrastructure that the future of space will one day rely on. This innovative work is possible because of high standards and craftsmanship. This is why we put everything on the line, so that our contribution will lay the groundwork necessary for evolved space technology.


Thoughtful communication is how we share ideas, brainstorm together and innovate. At the core are candid discussions that boost creativity and alignment. We believe our communication style is key to our success and supports a healthy  internal environment for our company as we grow and develop.


Engineering the future is best done by joyful people. It's this attitude we share that provides a positive and healthy workplace with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Collectively, our enthusiasm for the work we do will translate into meaningful applications that will not only transform the evolving space economy, but will also enhance the lives of the people who make it happen.

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